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Light and simple report generator

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Highlighted Features

Extremely simple

Use only LibreOffice™, OpenOffice™ or Microsoft Office™ to draw your report.

Unlimited design

The limit is your document editor: pagination, headers, footers, tables, charts...

Unique template engine

Insert JSON-like markers "d.name" directly in your document


Use any XML documents as a template: docx, odt, ods, xlsx, html, pptx, odp, custom xml files...


A powerful XML-agnostic algorithm understands what to do without knowing XML document specifications.

All formats

Export to any formats LibreOffice™ supports (PDF, XLSX, DOCX, CSV, Word 2003...).


One template, multiple languages. Update translation files automatically.

Format data

Use built-in date and number formatters or create your own in Javascript.

Open Source / Saas

It can be shared freely. If you prefer, we manage everything with our hosted solution.


Multithread. It scales on demand coming soon

Modern technology

Built on NodeJS. REST Api.


300-pages reports are possible.

Live preview

...without any tools to install, using only your modern browser and LibreOffice or Microsoft Word™

Fascinate your clients!

Let your clients create and adapt their own reports with tools they already know

Create awesome reports

Reliable 24/24h 7/7d, no Single Point of Failure coming soon

Improve your productivity

Create and deploy a beautiful report in less than 10 minutes!

Stop writing code for each report, use your existing APIs

Match your report with your versioned API

Elevate Your Impact on the community

3% percent of our hosted solution revenues will go to charity coming soon

Support Open Source Software

Share reports with the community coming soon

In production in large global companies since 2013