Carbone On AWS

Generate and manage your reports inside your own AWS infrastructure. Carbone is available in the AWS marketplace:

Carbone On-AWS provides the same API as the Carbone Cloud API with , with the following benefits:

  • 🔐 The instance runs in your private AWS VPC with all your security requirements. Templates, data-set and generated documents are not leaving your infrastructure.
  • 🚀 Runs without internet access.
  • ⚡️ Install in a few minutes.
  • ✅ Easy to pay, you are billed according to your usage and the invoicing will be available on your AWS account.
  • All entreprise features (dynamic images, colors, html rendering, ...).
  • A stateless Carbone Studio with basic authentication (Web interface to design and preview documents)
  • Customise storage, and authentication thanks to NodeJS plugins.
  • SLA Support.
  • All incoming new features, updates and fixes.

If you have questions, reach us on the chat or by email:


1 - Subscribe to Carbone

1 - Go to the AWS product sheet.

Carbone AWS product

2 - Click on "Continue to Subscribe"

🎉 It's done

2 - Launch a new Carbone instance

1 - Go to AWS Marketplace > Manage subscriptions console

Carbone subscription

2 - Click on "Launch new instance

Carbone start AMI Select Carbone version and region and click on "Continue to launch through EC2"

3 - Click on "Cancel" to keep default settings Change settings

4 - Review EC2 options Before launching EC2 Carbone instance, please check following options:

  • Security group: It must contain at least one "Inbound rules" allowing TCP/4000 from API users
  • IAM role: Attach to the instance the following policy:
      "Version": "2012-10-17",
      "Statement": [
              "Action": [
              "Effect": "Allow",
              "Resource": "*"

5 - 🎉 Enjoy 🎉

Verify the Carbone instance is running with the following command:

curl http://"EC2_IP"/status

## Expected result : {"success":true,"code":200,"message":"OK","version":"4.6.2"}

3 - Configure the instance

Carbone on AWS can be configured in the same way as Carbone on-premise : Learn how to configure server and enable options

The configuration is accessible by connecting to the EC2 instance in the file /var/www/carbone-ee/config/config.json After doing modification in config.json file, please restart carbone with following command:

sudo systemctl restart carbone-ee


Logs access

To access to Carbone logs, connect to the EC2 instance with SSH or by the System Manager. Logs are accessible with following command:

journalctl -u carbone-ee -r

Cannot connect to EC2 instance via SSH

If you try to connect through ssh, please check:

  • SSH Key pair was configured when the instance was created
  • Security group contains inbound rule allowing TCP/22

IAM Role errors

If the following error message appears on logs, it's mean that IAM MeterUsage Role is not attach to EC2 instance.

$ Carbone need acces to AWS Marketplace API to check subscription and report usage. Please check if you ec2 instance have correct IAM role

Please check following:

  1. Login to your AWS Management Console, open EC2 Services and click Instances
  2. Select the new EC2 instance deployed from this AMI and click Actions -> Security -> Modify IAM role
  3. Click Create new IAM role (or choose an existing one if created earlier)
  4. Click Create role, select AWS service and EC2, click Next
  5. Select AWSMarketplaceMeteringFullAccess, click Next
  6. Provide a Role name (eg carbone-role), click Create role
  7. In the Modify IAM role browser tab from step 2 above, click the refresh icon, select the new IAM Role, click Update IAM role

Enable Carbone Studio Light

To enable Carbone Studio Light, you need to connect on EC2 instance through SSH, and add "studio": true, option in file /var/www/carbone-ee/config/config.json and restart Carbone service.